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Why Choose Us

As a business producing or selling goods, you will at some stage require those goods to be imported or exported. For that you will need the services if a freight forwarder. The choice of your freight forwarding partner is essential to ensure these goods are received or delivered on time. Here are some factors you should look at to ensure that your supply chain needs are met.

  • Which destinations are covered by Brightsun Freight ? Through the years Brightsun Freight as built an enviable number of worldwide connections. We ensure our partners around the world are an extension of our company, and understand your shipment. We have access to contacts in over 150 countries with over 460 major airports, and over 600 shipping ports being covered.

  • Are we accredited? Brightsun Freight is accredited membership with following associations:

    • FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)
    • BIFA (British International Freight Association)
    • IATA (The International Air Transport Association)

why choose

All these associations require our processes to operate within set guidelines, and ensure that we operate in an ethical manner. Moreover these also ensure we are compliant with the legal requirements which may exist.

Freight Jargon

Freight Jargon. The rules and regulations associated with shipping are extremely complex for a new comer. There are so many acronyms that are expected to be known globally. If it is the best incoterm for your shipment that you are looking for or advising on commodity codes; or ensuring all the correct documentation is in place in the correct order, we have all the necessary processes in place to carry out your freight forwarding. Only an experienced freight forwarder can navigate the freight forwarding minefield to be able to provide the correct guidance for the cargo in question. We have moved letters to machinery, livestock to hazardous goods. Challenge us with your next shipment.

The Full Suite

The Full Suite – You are in the right place if you need the full freight services. If you need to know whether it more favourable to ship part of the cargo through sea, and some by air or is Road Haulage or Customs involved? Brightsun Freight offers complete supply chain solution. Your business would realise efficiency for all of your freight and logistics needs. Most freight forwarders specialise in one or two forms of shipping, either air and sea rail or road, whereas we have the resources to handle any. In addition we offer services such as Customs clearance. Knowing that your freight forwarder can move the shipment not only from one point to another, but to navigate the tax and customs duties and get the goods to the end customer provides peace of mind.

Information at your Fingertips

Information at your Fingertips – Through in-house development team, we have the technology to make your shipment as efficient as possible. Brightsun Freight incorporates real time GPS tracking devices which we can be attached to your shipment. You have the option to use the “Track and Trace” system, or your dedicated account manager who will monitor your entire shipment. In the dynamic industry of supply chain management, it is imperative to have answers quickly so you need to ensure that your chosen partner is not the type to keep you hanging on for a response. To alleviate this, we offer a real time 24/7 service through a call centre which also assists with working with operators in different time zones across the world.

Cheap and Cheerful

Cheap and Cheerful – The freight industry is price sensitive, and we will try to match every quote with another operator. However it should be remembered, that the savings you that you make on the initial quotation from another operator are likely to be paid for in delays, additional charges and poor customer service. Our charges will be detailed and comprehensive with shipment departure and arrival dates, along with necessary insurance for your goods. This adds to complete peace of mind when you hand over your shipment to us, so you can get on with what you do best.